Motorcycle wheelie speed record - level 3

Motorcycle wheelie speed record - level 3

30-09-2015 07:00

Gary Rothwell was back on the track on Saturday, attempting to beat the world motorcycle wheelie speed record.

"Last month, I done 197.8 mile an hour, which I won the event. I was just on one and a half mile an hour off the world record, and only 2.2 mile an hour off the actual record that we wanted to get, which is the first person to ever get over 200 mile an hour on one wheel."

Riding on Elvington Airfield's speed track, the stunt rider had to make two runs, with one wheel off the ground for the kilometre distance, with his average speed counting towards the record.

It was second time lucky for Gary – he clocked an average speed of 209.8 mph beating the world record.

"I can't actually believe it myself, I donet twenty minutes ago at 200.3 mile an hour. I’ve just gone went back out again and done 209.8 mile an hour, couldn't believe it myself!"

Difficult words: attempt (to try), wheelie (a trick when a bicycle or a motorcycle is ridden with the front wheel raised off the ground), stunt (a dangerous action), run (a route taken by a vehicle), clock (to register something like speed).


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