Mud festival in South Korea - level 3

Mud festival in South Korea - level 3

30-07-2014 15:00

While revellers at Glastonbury this year may have found the mud detrimental to their music festival experience, over in South Korea a festival dedicated entirely to the muck and the mire has just started.

The coastal city of Boryeong kicked off its 17th annual mud festival on Friday and invites visitors to get absolutely covered in grim greenish-grey sludge.

Mud-wrestling pits, mud slides and even a mud prison has been put up to help people get well and truly covered. In fact, that’s the entire point. Guests are expected to turn up in clean clothes but leave looking like they’ve just crawled out of a swamp.

People certainly seemed to be having fun, even they had to keep wiping the ick from their eyes.

According to the organisers, last year’s event attracted over 3 million people, a figure they’re expected to match this year. And their off to a good start, as people from all over the world have flown in to take part.

“I’m having a great time out here, getting to meet a lot of new friends, getting muddiest as I don’t know what, going to come back next year, having a great time!”

The mud festival is on now and will continue until July 27th.

Difficult words: reveller (somebody who is having fun), detrimental (causing harm), muck (dirt), mire (soft mud or dirt), annual (happening every year), grim (unpleasant), sludge (soft thick mud), crawl out of a swamp (very dirty), ick (unpleasant sticky substance), get muddy as I don’t know what (you are extremely muddy).


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