Music instead of protests - level 3

Music instead of protests - level 3

17-06-2013 06:00

These are not the sounds that have been heard of late in Taksim Square--a few minutes' peace after days of protest. The sound of stun grenades, flares, rocks and water cannon replaced with the flowing melodies of Davide Martello.

At times it's light and at times it's intense, much like the protests in Turkey. Here there is no division but unity and appreciation of the thought-provoking music.

At this time, protesters may wonder what lies ahead. More struggles are pretty much guaranteed. The Turkish Prime Minister warns authorities will rid Taksim Square of what he calls "trouble-makers" in the next 24 hours.

Interesting words: of late (lately), stun grenade (grenade that only makes you feel bad but doesn't kill you), flare (thing which makes sudden strong light), thought-provoking (making you think), rid (clear).

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