Musical keyboard for cats - level 3

Musical keyboard for cats - level 3

04-10-2014 15:00

Could this be the best-ever toy for your pet? Yes, that’s right – this is the world’s first musical keyboard for cats.

The ultrasonic keyboard is designed specifically for a cat’s sense of hearing and plays music in feline frequencies. So not only can the keyboard player play in human frequencies, but your cat can also enjoy them.

“It’s fed through the iPad which converts the frequencies that we can hear into frequencies only cats can hear. It’s very specific section of the piano keyboard here. These little dots here, these are telling us the ones that cats can hear. And when I turn it on, we see the high frequencies come up on the screen there.”

The keyboard was designed by a team of enthusiastic vets, sound artists and scientists who clearly love cats, but it was also created as part of an anti-Internet censorship campaign called the Pussy Cat Riot. The first live show was a protest performance playing national anthems of countries that heavily censor the Internet to an audience of cats.

Difficult words: ultrasonic (specialized sounds), feline (cat), frequency (level of sound), enthusiastic (very interested and excited), national anthem (a country’s official music), censor (control or monitor).


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