My name is Tyrannosaurus Rex - level 3, A12

My name is Tyrannosaurus Rex - level 3, A12

10-05-2012 22:00

Some people are born with one name but they change it during their lifetime. There are different reasons for the change. Usually they simply don’t like their name and want to change it. Some people change their names because they hate their family and a different name will mean less connection with some members of their family.

Some names have difficult pronunciation or spelling. That can be a reason for the change too.

One artist from the USA changed his name to Tyrannosaurus Rex. His real name was Joseph Gold. It is not a bad name at all, but he says that Tyrannosaurs Rex sounds cooler and people will remember him more because of this name. So he changed his name for a better career.

A judge had to confirm his name. He found no reason for not doing it. So Joseph Gold is now Tyrannosaurus Rex.

You can see a real Tyrannosaurus Rex in the video.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: lifetime, confirm.

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