Naked Run Protest – level 3

Naked Run Protest – level 3

29-11-2016 07:00

Ferdinand Marcos, the former ruler of the Philippines, attracted condemnation from human rights groups about his rights violations and corruptions during his almost two-decade-long rule.

People will bury the former dictator at the Heroes’ Cemetery against which the members from the Philippine Alpha Phi Omega fraternity are protesting. They have staged a naked run, brandishing signs and covering their faces, but nothing else.

The run is actually an annual event, giving the fraternity the opportunity to highlight a cause close to their hearts. Coincidentally, the tradition itself started in the late 1970s when members of the same fraternity ran naked on the campus grounds in protest against the ban of a film criticising Marcos.

Difficult words: former (-ex), condemnation (a criticism), fraternity (a type of group of students), brandish (hold and wave about), annual (happening every year), coincidentally (by chance; interestingly).

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