Naked shoppers in France - level 3

Naked shoppers in France - level 3

16-01-2014 06:00

These shoppers in Paris stripped down to their underwear and took part in a race to win free clothes, as winter sales began in France.

Despite the cold weather, 100 participants stripped to their undies and queued up to be able to rush into the store as it opened. In the event, organised by Spanish clothing brand Desigual, scantily clad shoppers have to run 100 metres and are then given one hour to browse the store and choose two sale items.

And these bargain hunters seemed to think it was worth the wait and the embarrassment.

“For the sales, to win money, to pay less, to get free clothes.”

“To shop in the sales. I’m a fan of the brand and the concept. It’s great.”

Similar events have taken place in other parts of the world including New York, Amsterdam and Madrid. In France, winter sales are tightly controlled, with official start and end dates laid down by central and local government and the sales continue until February the 11th.

Difficult words: undies (underwear), rush (hurry), scantily (not enough), clad (wearing something), browse (look), bargain (something you buy cheaply).

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