NASA has a new machine on Mars - level 3, A12

NASA has a new machine on Mars - level 3, A12

08-08-2012 18:00

After a nail-biting wait, relief and elation for the NASA team working on the Mars rover project. Curiosity landed on the surface of the Red Planet at just after 10.30 pm, California time, on August the 5th. A date that will go down in history as a landmark for space exploration.

This is what the six-wheeled rover Curiosity looks like. It’s roughly the size of a mini cooper. This animation shows how scientists designed its landing which was one of the most difficult and daring inter-planetary operations ever attempted.

The landing was helped by a supersonic parachute which eased its fall onto the planet surface.

Curiosity is a highly sophisticated mobile science lab which will now explore Mars looking for signs that planet may have supported life.

Just getting it there is a huge step forward but there’s a long way to go. Its mission will last for 98 weeks.


Interesting words: nail-biting (extremely exciting), elation (great happiness), rover (car for exploring),   crazy), landmark (very important moment), mini cooper (small car), daring (risky and difficult), supersonic (faster than the speed of sound), sophisticated (very clever), lab (laboratory).

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