Nazi Weather Station – level 3

Nazi Weather Station – level 3

25-10-2016 15:00

Russian scientists have uncovered a Nazi weather station in the Arctic. They also found more than 500 items, including fragments of ammunition, pieces of clothing and meteorological equipment from the 1940s very well preserved in the harsh climate.

In 1943, there were 10 people working there, all producing important weather reports with German forces in battle. The information that they collected changed to the parts of Nazi cruisers and submarines. Because of the importance, the station had the codename of “Schatzgräber” meaning treasure hunter, but eventually it was ended the following summer.

After eating undercooked polar bear meat, most of the staff were stricken with a parasitic disease and later evacuated. The station was destroyed, and all that remains now are the abandoned remnants of a deadly time in our history.

Difficult words: fragment (a piece of something), codename (a secret name), parasitic (from a parasite – a tiny animal that can make you really sick), remnant (a part that is left after the greater part has been destroyed).

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