New app helps buskers – level 3

18-12-2015 15:00

A new app has been created that could be putting more coins in buskers’ pockets. Musicians like Dawson rely on cash from passers-by, but with fewer people than ever carrying money, he is hoping that a new app called “Busk” will secure his livelihood in an increasingly cashless world.

“People say I’ve got no cash on me, and people generally, if they’re enjoying the show they want to show appreciation, if that’s in a monetary way, that’s great. So now they’ve got the opportunity to download the app and to pay you cashlessly.”

Those behind the app hope that this will be a convenient solution to help people donate who aren’t carrying any cash.

“Ten per cent of people in the UK no longer have cash in their pockets, and a full third of people have less than five pounds. So this is something that’s threatening to make people like Dawson a thing of the past.”

But the question is would the public use it?

“Well, I’m sure for very app-friendly people, it’s a very good idea, but I like the idea of actually passing over real, proper money. There’s a real kind of exchange of something physical rather than something virtual.”

Whether it’s by cash, card or app, artists are ever grateful for the generosity of the public, however, big or small.

Difficult words: busker (an artist who does art in the street to make money), passer-by (a person who is walking past something), appreciation (liking something), monetary (relating to money), livelihood (a source of income, a job), convenient (good, fitting).



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