New basketball record - level 3

New basketball record - level 3

17-11-2014 07:00

This is the awesome moment basketball player Corey "Thunder" Law broke his own world record for the farthest basketball shot.

The Harlem Globetrotters basketballer achieved his second Guinness World Record on Wednesday, standing near one basket at Phoenix's US Airways Center.

Tossing the ball over his head behind him and across the length of the court, the ball formed a looping arc that found its target more than 82 feet away (25 metres).

“I could feel, the first couple of shots were going off the backboard and I was talking to a couple of my teammates - Big Easy and Bugsy - I was telling them, the shot’s never supposed to go off the backboard. It's always supposed to drop straight in, so when it left my hand the last time when I hit the shot I felt it right off my fingertips. It went straight in.”

Law's shot - completed on the annual Guinness World Records Day – broke the old record of 72 feet (22 metres).

Difficult words: toss (throw), court (an area for ball games), looping (moving in a circular direction), arc (a part of a curve), annual (happening every year).


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