New continent near Brazil - level 3

New continent near Brazil - level 3

13-05-2013 06:00

A large slab of granite has been found deep in the Atlantic Ocean suggesting a continent may have once existed off the Brazilian coast.

A team of Japanese scientists found the ten-metre-high rock more than 900 metres under the ocean. And as granite is usually only found on land, researchers say its presence on the seabed may be evidence of a continental landmass that was swallowed by waves.

A large volume of quartz sand which is also not formed at sea was found around the granite slab.

The team hasn't yet removed any samples with further investigations due to be carried out by other agencies.

Interesting words: slab (big flat piece of stone), granite (very hard rock), seabed (sea floor), quartz (hard mineral that is used in electronic watches).

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