New high tower in Tokyo - level 3, A12

New high tower in Tokyo - level 3, A12

24-05-2012 22:00

This is the tallest tower in the world. Its name is Tokyo Skytree. It was built in a country which lies in the big seismic zone. The building is designed to absorb energy from an earthquake and it is safe.

People were building the tower for 4 years and it is 634 metres high. It will be used as a television broadcast and communication tower.

The tower was opened on Tuesday. A lot of people wanted to get the tickets for the opening. Some of them waited in queue for more than one week. Unfortunately, the sky was full of clouds on Tuesday.

Even though it is the highest tower in the world, the highest building in the world is still Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, which stands at 828 metres. However, it is not a tower. It is a skyscraper.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: seismic, broadcast, even though.

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