New island in Japan - level 3

New island in Japan - level 3

26-11-2013 14:00

This footage from Japan’s coastguard catches the moment a new island is born.

The eruption over underwater volcano in the Ogasawara island chain allowed the new land to burst from the water amidst the plume of ash six hundred meters high.

The 200-meter diameter island joins an estimated 6,000 islands within Japan’s territory, and if it survives its eruptions it will technically become part of Tokyo, despite being over thousand kilometres to the south.

Japanese media reported that the last time an island was formed in the region was in 1973 and 4 as the nearby Nishima-Shima was created.

Officials have said that it is too early to start naming this island though, as there have been instances in the past when newly formed islands sunk back into the waves.

Difficult words: footage (video), coastguard (organisation that helps swimmers and ships that are in danger), burst (break open), plume (cloud).

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