New record in bungee jumping - level 3

New record in bungee jumping - level 3

30-07-2014 07:00

If you’re scared of heights, look away now, as this man has set a stomach-churning new world record by bungee jumping 158 times in 24 hours.

Australian Beau Retallick has clinched the Guinness Word Record title for the most bungee jumps outdoors. The 40 year-old headed to Sarugakyo in northern Japan to break the previous record of 151 jumps set in March 2014.

Although he must have been feeling pretty elated after all those adrenaline hits, Beau had plenty of obstacles to contend with.

“Having to do that number of jumps in a body harness and sort of be able to manage yourself on the platform afterwards was quite difficult.”

Beau actually jumped 178 times, 158 of which were verified over the course of 19 hours of jumping, earning him the world record and a well-deserved rest.

Difficult words: stomach-churning (something that makes you really scared), clinch (to get something after trying very hard), elate (be extremely happy), obstacle (something that makes it difficult to achieve something), contend with (to have to deal with something difficult).


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