New thing in your pocket - level 3

New thing in your pocket - level 3

23-01-2014 14:00

A crime epidemic!

“Everyday, over 1,700 of us have something taken from our bags or pocket. This is partly due to the huge number of people now carrying smart phones and tablets.”

This elderly woman on the London Underground among those hundreds daily unaware that they’ve been robbed, so charity Crimestoppers came up with an innovative awareness campaign. Rather than picking people’s pockets, their experts would try to put something in instead.

“Each leaflet was designed to look like something of value. An iPad, a wallet and a smartphone. Nobody thinks they’re going be a victim of crime until it happens to them. So rather than put leaflets into people’s hands, our team put them directly into people’s bags and pockets.”

Using reformed criminals and magicians, used to sleight of hand, with no shortage of success.

“Were you aware that we put that in your bag? It’s the same compartment that your laptop’s in. If you think that we can put that in your bag, do you think we can take something out?”

“You definitely can!”

Instant results!

“You know what? You’ve got me there? Oh my gosh, you’ve got me there.”

And surprising how little people were aware of what was happening behind them or even in their own pockets, leaving many puzzled at finding a little something extra in their bags or pockets. Traditionally, posters are used to highlight the problem in high risk areas, but sometimes human nature means we can make the matter worse, as we highlight our own valuables to potential thieves.

Difficult words: due to (because of), sleight of hand (skill in performing tasks with the hands), shortage (when there’s not enough of something), puzzled (confused and unable to understand something), highlight (make obvious), potential (possible).

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