Niagara Falls in winter - level 3

Niagara Falls in winter - level 3

14-01-2014 06:00

The extreme weather in North America and Canada has provided plenty of photographic opportunities, but those people visiting these waterfalls have had a sight to behold. That is, if they can stand the cold because parts of Niagara Falls have become frozen and become a winter wonderland.

Braving temperatures of as low as -19°C with a wind chill, these visitors have been rewarded with spectacular sights and a photo gallery to tell the tale. Images of water turning to ice before it reaches the bottom, creating an ice jam and subsequent flooding on two islands.

The US and Canada have been suffering from a polar vortex that has brought freezing air and Arctic temperatures down past -60°C in parts. Temperatures are expected to rise this week with the thaw that millions will be grateful for. It’s predicted the cold could switch to relative form of 12°C, an extreme change from what the US and Canada are currently experiencing.

Difficult words: a sight to behold (thing that is impressive or worth seeing), brave (to deal with a difficult, dangerous, or unpleasant situation), wind chill (cooling effect of the wind), ice jam (accumulation of ice), subsequent (following), vortex (wind that spins quickly), thaw (warming).

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