Night with fire in England - level 1

Night with fire in England - level 1

05-11-2011 15:00

November 5th is a big day in England. This day is full of fire and fireworks. A big fire is the most important part of the day. Every village and town in the country has one big fire. People watch fireworks. They put one man in the fire. The man is not real. The man is a symbol of this night. People make him some time before this night. Children go with him to the street. They ask for money. They give the money to their parents. Their parents buy fireworks.

The man wanted to kill the king of England in 1605. He and his group put bombs under the Parliament in London. But someone told the plan. The man and everybody in his group died. People were happy because the king lived. They made big fires. 

Written by Hana for News in Levels

Interesting words: fireworks, real, the Parliament.

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