No talking in a restaurant - level 3

No talking in a restaurant - level 3

29-10-2013 14:00

Dining with a difference… As a New York restaurant hosts silent meals, so the diners can savour the food and not the conversation.

Eerily quiet, bar the sound of waiters moving around and clanging cutlery, people sit in silence at their tables, often awkwardly looking at one another and their meals. An experience that’s been met with mixed reviews.

“It’s tough. I really miss the conversation, but the food was great. But I like talking to people as much as I like eating food, so I like it together.”

“I actually liked it. I thought it helped me slow down and think about every bite instead of just devouring it and realising it was gone.”

Started by Nicholas Nauman, he was inspired by eating breakfast in silence while living in a Buddhist monastery in India.

“When you take a piece of lettuce and you put it against you lips, there are an incredible number of sensations going on that we’re not paying any attention to and to actually have an opportunity to engage that, to explore that, to just be with that, is really rare.”

So if you really want to enjoy some lettuce in peace, head to eat in Brooklyn.

Difficult words: savour (fully enjoy), eerily (strangely), clang (when two metals touch and make a sound), cutlery (knife, fork and spoon), devour (eat something quickly) sensation (feeling).

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