Nora the polar bear - level 3

Nora the polar bear - level 3

11-02-2016 15:00

Meet Nora, the young polar bear, capturing hearts all over the world through the power of the Internet. The three-month-old has become a net sensation after the Columbus Zoo released this video of her growing up in a bid to find her name. The clip shows the baby polar bear’s journey from a tiny seven-day-old infant to a fluffy pup at 83 days old.

After receiving votes from across the world, zoo staff in Ohio revealed that she would be given a name that combines those of both her parents – Nanook and Aurora. The Columbus Zoo received more than 88,000 votes from fans in 115 countries. Other competitors were Kaya, Sacahry and Desna.

Nora had to be raised by hand after her mother left her alone for prolonged periods of time when she was a fragile newborn.

And her video hit stardom is set to continue as she was filmed receiving her new name much to fans’ delight.

Difficult words: capture hearts (to make people love something), sensation (something very popular with people), in a bid (trying), infant (a baby), fluffy (very soft), prolonged (long), fragile (not strong), stardom (being famous), delight (great pleasure).


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