North Korea has a celebration - level 3

North Korea has a celebration - level 3

01-08-2013 14:00

It's one of the most mysterious yet strangely impressive spectacles in the world. North Korea's Mass Games, the combination of months and months of intense training and the highlight of the secretive state's cultural calendar.

This year, the Mass Games celebrated North Korea's leaders, as well as marking the end of the Korean War, which it sees as a victory. Some of the performers wore military uniforms and re-enacted battles.

Performances in this form began in 2002 and have continued annually since then. The only year they didn't happen was 2006 when they were cancelled due to severe flooding.

The games are believed to be one of the world's biggest choreograph performances with as many as a hundred thousand participants. They usually continue for a month.

Difficult words: spectacle (big show), highlight (top), secretive (keeping secret), re-enact (act an event from the past), annually (every year), due to (because of).

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