North Korean video shows war – level 3

North Korean video shows war – level 3

27-03-2013 14:00

This may look like a computer game or a cartoon but the threat could be real. It’s a North Korean propaganda video showing an imagined invasion of South Korea.

It also shows the North Korean military destroying US bases in Japan and Guam. Published on the internet, the four-minute film shows what is described by the narration as a "lightning" three-day war.

Tensions are running high since North Korea carried out his latest nuclear test last month, prompting the United Nations to step up sanctions. North Korea responded by threatening the US with attack. Kim Jong-un's regime also announced that it will no longer stick to the 1953 armistice that ended the war on the Korean peninsula.

Interesting words: invasion (attact), narration (spoken description), tension (nervous feeling), carry out (do something), prompt (make to do something as a reaction), step up (increase), armistice (agreement to stop fighting).

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