Notting Hill Carnival – level 3

Notting Hill Carnival – level 3

05-09-2016 07:00

Notting Hill is a district in North-west London and the place of the annual Notting Hill Carnival. It is Europe’s biggest street party and the second biggest carnival in the world.

It began in the ‘60s with only a few hundred attendees, but it has grown into a massive party. This year’s carnival was the 50th, and an estimated two million people came. The weather was nice and everybody had a good time.

However, there were also 9,000 people who were there to work – police officers. Some of them were involved in the fun, but they were there to keep people safe. One policewoman explained that they were trialling a face recognition technology there, which would identify people who should not be at the carnival.

Difficult words: annual (happening every year), attendee (somebody who attends/is at an event), estimated (guessed, not counted one by one), trial (test something).

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