Nurse saved a man - level 3

Nurse saved a man - level 3

15-05-2013 14:00

A trainee nurse in Australia has been hailed a hero after rescuing a man who fell onto railway tracks at a Brisbane station. This dramatic CCTV footage shows the 56-year-old man stumbling off the platform and onto the line, as the other people waiting scrambled to save him.

Queensland Rail employee Jill Lyten recounted the shocking events. "And we were all just yelling to 'get off the tracks, get off the tracks.' And I knew how dangerous it is on the tracks and you've got a lot of voltage going through the wires above. I knew that I had to just get the number and get to control and stop the trains."

Jill's quick thinking shut down all the trains on the line, but it was the unnamed trainee nurse who risked her life to help the man to safety, before heading off to college.

"I'd known that she would have been shaken, very shaken. I mean, you cannot be shaken when you jump down on the track to save someone."

Queensland Rail released the CCTV footage of the event to highlight the emergency buttons on station platforms and urge commuter safety.

Interesting words: hail (praise), stumble (lose balance), scramble (hurry), recount (tell), head off (leave), urge (strongly suggest), commuter (daily traveler to their job).

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