Office chair racing in Taiwan – level 2

Office chair racing in Taiwan – level 2

02-05-2016 15:00

Hundreds of competitors took part in an office chair race in Taiwan. It is not an Olympic sport yet, but people were pretty excited about the event.

People first held the event in Japan seven years ago, and this was the first time people organised it overseas. One participant dressed up in a Dragon Ball costume to honour the Japanese origins and to give out positive energy.

It is all fun and games, but office chair racing is a lot more difficult than it looks. One competitor said that it was very tiring and that you should listen to music to warm yourself up for the big event.

Difficult words: competitor (a person who competes/tries to be the best and win in a race/event), costume (clothes wore by a character in a story, movie, or TV show), honour (to show respect).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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