Old animal goes to Japan - level 3

Old animal goes to Japan - level 3

17-07-2013 14:00

Despite being 39,000 years old and very, very dead, Yuka the Woolly Mammoth doesn't look so bad.

The three-metre long female was discovered three years ago in Russia, but has made the trip to Yokohama, Japan for a special public exhibition.

It will be the first time the public have been allowed to see the carcass, whose body and fur is surprisingly intact, even after all these years.

But mammoth expert Norihisa Inuzuka believes we can do more than satisfy our morbid curiosity by viewing Yuka.

"With this we can dig deeper into the reasons why extinct species became extinct and apply the lessons learnt to human race which might be facing its own dangers of extinction. I think it can help us learn to reflect more deeply about our own existence."

There are also some unanswered questions surrounding Yuka, too, as her internal organs are missing, leading experts to speculate whether they were removed by ancient humans or by modern man using modern tools. Whatever happened to poor Yuka, she's not saying.

Interesting words: carcass (body of a dead animal), intact (not damaged), curiosity (feeling when you want to know more), extinct (without any living member), species (same kind of an animal), ancient (from the past).

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