Old skeletons in Peru - level 3

Old skeletons in Peru - level 3

21-01-2014 14:00

Peruvian irrigation workers were laying pipes when they discovered dozens of skeletons like this. The ancient tombs were discovered in the coastal region of Lambayeque last month. They’re believed to be 1,000 years old.

Archaeologists have been supervising excavation efforts at the site to recover the remains, as well as pots and ceramic pieces. Experts believe the site may have been a cemetery for the pre-Hispanic Sican culture.

“At the moment, specialists have discovered between 35 to 40 tombs which are undergoing a process of conservation. Archaeological material related with these tombs has also been discovered. Basically, ceramics and what you can see was discovered in the lower part of what is a path.”

The skeletal remains were reportedly found in poor condition. Experts worked on their conservation at the excavation site before transferring the remains to Peru’s Culture Ministry for further research and study.

The Sican culture inhabited the north coast of Peru between 750 and 1375. It preceded the Inca Empire.

Difficult words: irrigation (supplying dry land with water), tomb (place where a dead person is buried), supervise (make sure things are done well), excavation (digging), remains (pieces of body), pre-Hispanic (before Spain came to South America), reportedly (according to what some people say), inhabit (live somewhere), precede (exist before something).

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