Olympic Games in Russia - level 2

Olympic Games in Russia - level 2

14-10-2013 14:00

Russia hosts the next Olympic Games which will take place in a city called Sochi in February next year.

Before the Olympic Games start, a torch with the Olympic fire travels around the country which is hosting the games. A runner carries the torch and when he's finished with his part, he gives the torch to another runner.

There was a special event in which the torch started its 65,000 kilometre-long journey through Russia. A lot of people were there and they were all having fun when something a bit embarrassing happened. The fire in the torch stopped burning.

But don't worry. The torch was set on fire again and the Olympic Games are going to happen.  

Difficult words: host (organise), torch (long stick with fire), embarrassing (making you feel nervous and ashamed).

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