Olympic Games in Russia - level 3

Olympic Games in Russia - level 3

14-10-2013 14:00

As Moscow prepared for the start of the Sochi 2014 Olympic torch relay, they weren't prepared for the torch to go out.

Prince Albert of Monaco and famous Russian athletes carried the flame first as it starts its 123-day trek across the country.

But torch bearers were caught a little off guard as the flame blew out along the route. But don't worry, things were back on track after the torch was re-lit by technicians from the official torch lantern.

Crowds gathered and cheered on hundreds of runners who took part in the relay. The flame, which is designed to resemble the feather of a mystical fire bird, arrived in Russia from Greece on Sunday. It will make a 65,000 kilometre trek through Russia on its way to the Games which will be held in Sochi in February next year.

Difficult words: torch (long stick with fire), relay (race in which each member of the team takes part one after another), bearer (person who carries something), back on track (OK again), resemble (look like).


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