Olympic torch in space - level 3

Olympic torch in space - level 3

18-11-2013 14:00

The Olympic torch has been taken on a space walk for the first time in history. A pair of Russian cosmonauts took turns in gripping the silver and red torch and posing for the cameras. Special tethers were attached to the torch to prevent it from drifting away in the weightlessness of outer space.

The footage was captured on cameras mounted on their spacesuit helmets and broadcast live on NASA’s internet channel and Russia’s state TV.        

“They’re currently 261 miles above the Earth.”

The space walk was a showcase for the Sochi Winter Games, a crucial event for Russian President Vladimir Putin while in power. The torch is being returned to Earth on Monday and then carries on its journey to light the Olympic flame next February.

Difficult words: grip (hold tightly), tether (safety rope), drift (move slowly), mounted (fixed), showcase (act of presenting something).

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