Paintball in Afghanistan – level 3

03-10-2014 07:00

Afghanistan has seen more than its fair share of conflict during the past three decades, but now teenagers in the region are reclaiming the fighting and placing it on the paintball field.

A handful of paintball centres have sprung up in the Kabul region recently and it has quickly grown in popularity amongst the youth in the area.

One paintball club’s owner, Yousuf Karimi, started his business six months ago with the aim of changing the image of war in Afghanistan.

Yousuf has already ploughed $70,000 into his club, and hopes to set up a chain across the country and help ease people’s memories of war.

“Afghans are tired of conflict and violence in the country. We have launched this game in order to ease the pain of war from the memory of our people. Our people have witnessed lots of killings, violence and bombs. The message this game sends is to replace the images of killing, guns and artilleries to peace, stability and friendship games.”

Players dress in combat fatigues and are armed with paintball guns filled with colourful pellets.

The aim of the game is to capture the flag of the opposing team.

While Afghanistan still experiences widespread conflict, Yousuf and the other clubs in the region are hoping that they can change perceptions of violence and bring people together through this friendly form of combat.

Difficult words: decade (ten years), handful (small number), spring up (appear), popularity (many people like it), aim (goal), plough (invest), fatigues (clothes worn by soldiers), pellet (lightweight bullet).



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