Panda is born - level 3

Panda is born - level 3

19-07-2013 14:00

A rare sight of one of nature's rarest moments. Squatting in her enclosure, a pregnant panda strains through the throes of childbirth. 

And when the magical moment finally came, Yuan Yuan needed no telling what to do next. Her mother's instinct kicked in and she took the baby in her mouth to give a comfort only she could give.

The nine-year-old delivered the cub in Taiwan's Taipei Zoo on Saturday night following artificial insemination in March. And it was a moment of particular magic for Yuan Yuan’s keepers, who say it was the seventh such attempt to fertilise her in three years.

With numbers dwindling and only about three hundred breeding pairs in the world, the arrival of a new cub is always celebrated.

And the keepers' next challenge will be to name the new addition and for that they've asked the public for help. Something Yuan Yuan had no need for to silence her baby's tears.

Interesting words: squat (sit on the knees), enclosure (area for an animal surrounded by a barrier), strain (make yourself do something hard), kick in (come into effect) artificial (unnatural), insemination (when they make the panda pregnant), fertilise (make pregnant), dwindle (become smaller), cub (animal baby).

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