Pandas return to China - level 3

Pandas return to China - level 3

24-05-2013 14:00

They may have been born in Spain, but a pair of two-and-a-half-year-old pandas are returning to their spiritual home in China. De De and A Bao traveled all the way from a zoo in Madrid to Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding in China's Sichuan province.

"De De during the trip was nervous and little bit upset. A Bao too but a little bit less. They are eating. They ate a lot of bamboo shoots and apple but they don't like to drink water in the plane. They don’t drink."

Panda cubs born in Spain are technically on loan from China and have to be returned once they reach two years of age. The pair will undergo a month long quarantine process before they make their first public appearance at the centre.

Interesting words: shoot (new young part of a plant), cub (baby of an animal such as bear or lion), quarantine (isolation).

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