Pandas wrestle - level 3

Pandas wrestle - level 3

27-03-2014 15:00

What’s going on here? Oh, it’s only two wild giant pandas wrestling in China. Yeah, the wrestling match between the two pandas was caught on camera set up at a nature reserve in southwest China.

The nature reserve had installed a number of cameras recently to observe the wild animals.

After collecting and sorting the latest videos in March, staff members found eight cameras have recorded images of wild giant pandas.

“One camera, broken by a giant panda, took footage of two giant pandas playing. It’s the first time such images have been captured since the nature reserve was established.”

Besides giant pandas, the cameras also captured images of other endangered species, including a golden snub-nosed monkey.

Okay, let’s see that wresting match one more time.

Difficult words: endangered species (animals that may soon no longer exist).

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