Parking with no driver - level 3

Parking with no driver - level 3

10-07-2013 14:00

Ever thought a self-parking car could come in handy? Well, if you have, you might be in luck. Volvo are developing new technology that will see a car find a spare space and park there without the driver being in the vehicle. The car will apparently use sensors to interact safely with pedestrians, curbs and other vehicles. The driver will then use a mobile phone app to call the car back. But don't get too excited. There are reports the service will only work with parking spaces designed to be compatible with Volvo specific infrastructure technology.

Other new features Volvo are working on includes detection and auto brake for when pedestrians or large animal walk out into the road. Apparently, most of these technologies will be available in the new Volvo XC90, which won't be revealed until the end of 2014. Better to wait then.

Interesting words: interact (to be in contact), pedestrian (person who walks), curb (side of a pavement), compatible (work with one another), infrastructure (relating to roads).

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