Parliament in Taiwan - level 3

Parliament in Taiwan - level 3

15-08-2013 14:00

Politicians have strong opinions and more often than you would expect, because of those opinions, fights break out in parliaments around the world. The latest scuffle happened in Taiwan where legislators came to blows over a controversial referendum proposal on building a fourth nuclear plant.

Politicians from the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party had occupied the speaker's podium in the Assembly Hall for a day, blocking the doors with chairs. The fight broke out when politicians from the ruling Nationalist Party entered for parliament session on Friday morning. Water bottles were thrown, fists were launched and one man even wore a helmet to protect himself.

As the politicians fought inside, protesters demonstrated outside. They too, back the opposition. The vote on the fourth nuclear site was due to take place on Friday. It's not known whether it still will.

Difficult words: scuffle (fight), legislator (person who makes law), controversial (when people have different opinions about something), due to take place (should happen), whether (if).

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