Party in Rio - level 3

Party in Rio - level 3

08-02-2016 07:00

Have you ever wondered what it looks like before the most famous and colourful carnival in the world? Well, it’s certainly not a case of calm before the storm!

Thousands of people hit the streets of Rio de Janeiro for a traditional street parade a week ahead of the carnival. From guitar-playing Wonder Women, to Minions, to the more conventional revellers. The crowds made their way towards what’s known locally as "Christ's armpit”, a place overlooked by the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue.

This lady said that Brazilians were very happy because they’re hosting the Olympic Games, and the carnival helps get them into the spirit of celebrating the event.

The parade is a huge part of Brazilian culture and tradition and attracts millions of people each year. If this is just the warm-up, this year’s carnival is expected to be a scorcher.

Difficult words: conventional (traditional, normal), reveller (a person who is having fun), huge (very big), scorcher (this means two things: very hot and very amazing, an extreme example of something).


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