Penguin in New Zealand – level 3

Penguin in New Zealand – level 3

26-02-2013 14:00

A long way from home, this royal penguin found himself washed up on New Zealand’s North Island. The bird dubbed Happy Feet Junior is only the fourth of its kind ever to show up in the country.

It was found dehydrated and with kidney failure and is now undergoing emergency treatment at Wellington Zoo.

"So something's happened out at sea, he's not found enough food. Something's gone wrong with his hunting and he's come ashore because he has to moult. Physiologically these birds need to moult once a year."

2000 kilometres from its normal home, it’s not the first bird of its kind to try make it in these parts.

Two year ago an emperor penguin called Happy Feet made the headlines after it landed on the kiwi coastline.

If things do pick up for this penguin, he will spend 6 weeks in hospital before being released back into the wild.

Interesting words: dubbed (named), show up (appear), undergo (have), ashore (to land), moult (lose feathers so that new ones can grow), headline (title of a newspaper article), kiwi (New Zealand’s), pick up (improve).

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