Penguins learn how to swim - level 3

Penguins learn how to swim - level 3

04-10-2013 14:00

It's the first day at school for these baby penguins at Chester Zoo, and just as children learn their ABCs, these little ones are learning to swim and hunt.

"My name is Anne Morris, and I'm the lead keeper of the parenting penguin section of Chester Zoo. Our little gang here are all named after the Doctor Who theme, so we have a Doctor, a Dalek, a Tardis, a Gallifrey and the little one is called Sonic. At the moment, the four big ones are already starting to feed themselves in this little baby pool. We're trying to teach them this, so that when they go onto the main pool and they have to compete with the big group, they're going to manage to feed themselves. Little Sonic in here is a bit younger then the rest, so he hasn't quite got the gist of it yet. So we're actually having to still hand-feed him at the moment, but it won't be long before he gets the gist of it as well, and then all of them will eventually go on to the main pool with the main group.

These Humboldt penguins are an endangered South American species. Their arrival this spring means the zoo now has a colony of over 40.

Difficult words: hunt (catch other animals to eat them), gist (skill), eventually (in the end), endangered (there is very few of them), species (animal kind).

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