People ate rat meat - level 3

People ate rat meat - level 3

10-05-2013 06:00

Twenty thousand tons of meat passed off as mutton has been found to contain everything from fox to minks to rat.

Over nine hundred people have been arrested as police in Eastern China broke up a crime ring in the latest fake meat scandal. Around four hundred cases involving meat related offences have been investigated following a three months national campaign.

One man charged in the case told how he processed fox meat as mutton after obtaining it from a farm that had raised the animals for fur - the low-cost and mutton like flavour apparently being part of the draw.

Rat meat had also been used to produce the fake mutton according to other suspects. The fake goods reportedly made around 1.6 million dollars in profit.

Interesting words: pass off as (pretend to be something different), mutton (meat from sheep), minks (small animal with nice fur), obtain (get), fur (short animal's hair), apparently (as far as one knows), draw (something that attracts interest).

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