People burn buses - level 3

People burn buses - level 3

30-09-2015 15:00

In central Brazil, protesters burned buses, demanding better transportation services for the city of Goiania. The bus company Metrobus confirmed at least six of its buses were completely burnt out. Nine others were damaged by vandals who hurled rocks and other objects at the vehicles to smash windows.

Thick, black smoke rose up from the flaming buses, forcing the highway leading to the city to close for 6 hours.

A highway patrol officer described the attack as repulsive. Police in riot gear later joined them, struggling to keep the peace.

It's estimated the damage could reach more than 2 million dollars.

Difficult words: demand (to want something), hurl (to throw), repulsive (extremely unpleasant, in a way that almost makes you feel sick), riot (a violent protest), gear (equipment), struggle (to try hard to do something).


What do you think about this protest?

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