People do not see a fish - level 3

People do not see a fish - level 3

20-11-2013 14:00

Harry Potter, eat your heart out! You’re not the only one with the power of invisibility.

A scientific research team from Zhejiang University in China has invented a gadget that lets living creatures become invisible to the human eye, so long as they can fit into this tiny tube, that is.

This five-centimetre-tall hexagonal cylinder has been designed with a transparent passage on the inside that makes anything that passes through it seem to disappear.

“When we see an object, what we actually receive is the natural light scattered from the object. We can see the object only after capturing the light. We used the equipment to enclose an object so as to lead the natural light by the object in the first place and head back to where it’s come from before it can be captured by our eyes.”

Using glass with a high refractive index and special positioning, the researchers were able to direct light around the object in the tube to trick our eyes and give the impression that it wasn’t there at all.

The gadget is currently capable of cloaking living creatures with body length of 10 centimetres and according to the researchers, they are still a long way off being able to pull the same trick with a human subject. But it still goes to show that invisibility isn’t all magic.

Difficult words: eat your heart out (said when you are better at doing something than a person who is famous for doing it), gadget (small thing), tiny (small), hexagonal (with 6 sides), cylinder (tube), transparent (you can see through it), enclose (surround), high refractive index (light travels slower), cloak (hide).

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