People eat a lot of hot dogs - level 3

People eat a lot of hot dogs - level 3

12-07-2013 14:00

" 72 ounces of steak in eight minutes. 47 grilled cheese sandwiches in ten minutes."

"Hot dog is my first title and then I do have a oyster title. I have 47 dozen oysters in eight minutes."

The reigning hot-dog eating champions are looking to defend their titles. Both were weighed one day ahead of the competition, but put food in front of them… They just can't help themselves.

Joey Chestnut is ranked the men's number one eater in the world.

"I'm confident about my ability. I know if I do well, I should be able to blow away the competition. It's just a matter of not getting complacent, just finding my rhythm early."

Sonya Thomas holds the women's title.

"I'm gonna eat more than 45. So, I'm shooting for about 50."

These are such important events in the eating calendar that the mayor has been drafted in. More than 30,000 fans are expected to come to New York's Coney Island to cheer on the contestants, each hoping they can become top dog.

Interesting words: complacent (be happy with the situation and stop improving), draft in (get involved), cheer on (encourage).

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