People help a baby gorilla – level 3

People help a baby gorilla – level 3

05-04-2013 06:00

A baby gorilla is being raised by human surrogates at Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

The gorilla, named Gladys, is being cared for by human parents after her mother at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas rejected her after her birth in January.

She was then transferred to Cincinnati, where 10 human surrogates are caring for her until one of the zoo's female gorillas take up the role of a surrogate which could take several months.

The surrogates try to mimic what a gorilla mother would do with her baby, including crawling around dressed in a black furry vest. Zoo officials say Gladys is doing well, developing and growing quickly.

Interesting words: surrogates (substitute parent), take up (start doing something), crawl (walking on knees or your belly).

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