People help two dolphins - level 3

People help two dolphins - level 3

31-03-2015 15:00

Two bottlenose dolphins have been rescued from a lake in Western Australia after swimming up a river, possibly chasing fish. Kayakers herded the dolphins towards the lakeside with one even throwing himself on the animal to try to catch it and bring it to safety. Marine rangers then secured the dolphins by placing them on sheets. A total of 10 people lifted one of the dolphins, which weighed over 300 kilograms.

Rescuers then kept the dolphins hydrated as they were transported to deeper water. The dolphins were released in the lower reaches of the Serpentine River in the Western Australian city of Mandurah. The male dolphins were healthy but tired after swimming in shallow lake water which prevented them from navigating into deeper water.

The rescue operations caught the attention of a group of local residents who cheered as the dolphins were successfully released in the water.

Difficult words: chase (to try to catch), herd (to make move), marine (relating to the sea), shallow (not deep), reaches (the straight part of a river between two bends), prevent (to stop).


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