People ignore mother and child - level 3

People ignore mother and child - level 3

23-04-2013 14:00

CCTV footage shows a man pleading for help after his wife and child were killed in a traffic accident in India. His wife's body lies in the middle of the busy street but no one offers to help.

"My son and I were shouting for help but no one stopped or came to our rescue. Passersby and several cars did stop to catch a glance but no one seemed to be bothered."

The victim's husband and four-year-old son survived the crash, but despite their desperate situation, passersby ignored them.

"We stood helplessly by ourselves for about 18 to 19 minutes, after which the police arrived and covered my wife's face with her sari. Later an ambulance arrived and threw my wife's body in the back of the vehicle like garbage.”

The national commission for women has condemned what Raigher calls the inadequate response from the authorities, claiming the mother and child may still be alive if help had arrived earlier.

Interesting words: CCTV (security camera) catch a glance (look quickly), condemn (express disapproval).

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