People look like the sea – level 3

People look like the sea – level 3

14-07-2016 15:00

A tidal wave of people… But no, they don't have hypothermia, they've all chosen to strip down and be painted blue.

It's part of a mass human art installation in Hull to celebrate the city's connection to the sea. Live models gathered at dawn and were covered head to toe in four different shades of blue.

They were then posed and photographed at some of the city's historic locations by New York-based artist Spencer Tunick.

The performance piece was commissioned by Ferens Art Gallery where the photographs will go on display next year when Hull will become the new UK City of Culture.

You could say they're all feeling pretty blue.

Difficult words: hypothermia (when your body temperature is too low), gather (come together), feel pretty blue (feel sad).


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