People protest against bullfighting – level 3

People protest against bullfighting – level 3

08-02-2013 06:00

Mexico's animal rights protesters stripped off to their underwear and daubed themselves in fake blood to call for an end to bullfighting in the country. With multicoloured stakes protruding from their shoulders, protesters lay on the ground in the capital's Republic Plaza imitating the lifeless corpses of bulls slain in the sport.

“It's an act of mistreatment and cruelty against animals and it promotes negative values in society. More than 80% of people associate it with animal mistreatment, danger, violence and abuse.”

Mexico is one of only 8 countries, where the sport is still legal. However, last month the capital's local government passed a law against animal cruelty, which activists hope will eventually be extended to bullfighting.

Interesting words: strip off (remove clothes), daub (paint), stake (stick), protrude (stick out from somewhere), corpse (dead body), slain (killed), abuse (cruel treatment), pass (accept).

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