People protest against extremists – level 3

People protest against extremists – level 3

21-02-2013 06:00

Taking a stand against Nazism. These protesters in Dresden, Germany formed a human chain to block a neo-Nazi rally on Wednesday evening.

The right-wing group leads a march every year to mark the Allied bombing of the city in 1945. More than 13,000 people took part in a protest against it.

"I think it's important to support my city and show there's no place for extremists." "I'm here in memory of war victims and to stand up to racism."

3,500 police from across Germany were called to Dresden to ensure the parallel protests didn’t get out of hand.

Authorities say the night was mostly peaceful. Although two officers were injured by masked demonstrators and several people were arrested.

Interesting words: take a stand (take a position in opposition), rally (large meeting), right-wing (supporting ideas of capitalism), march (organized event in which people walk together and show their opinions), Allied (connected with Britain, the US and Russia during the Second World War).

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