People stopped very high - level 3

People stopped very high - level 3

21-10-2013 06:00

Passengers on this roller coaster got the ride of their lives when it got stuck for nearly three hours. Three children were among those left stranded when the Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket malfunctioned at the Universal Theme Park in Orlando.

They were stuck in a vertical position looking up to the sky. As they may have wondered how long they would be there, theme park staff said they were doing “everything they could to make the guests comfortable.” How comfortable you can be stuck on a ride that reaches 17 storeys high and speeds of a 105 kilometres per hour, we can only wonder!

Firefighters managed to rescue them all, though, and one person was taken to hospital for neck pain.

This ride has suffered problems in the past. A passenger suffered minor injuries when the car she was in suddenly stopped.

Reports say a computer glitch caused the ride to suddenly stop this time when it went into safety mode. The attraction has been closed until safety inspections have been completed.

Difficult words: stranded (stuck), malfunction (not to work normally), glitch (sudden malfunction).

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